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Monday Devotional: Where are we going?

What are some of your goals? Maybe you want to earn a lot of money. Perhaps your primary goal is to raise successful and wise children or grandchildren. Or maybe you just want to be able to spend a big chunk of life soaking up the sun on a beach somewhere. We all seem to have a multiplicity of goals, and God certainly gave us vivid imaginations and creativity in order to reach our goals. In fact, I marvel at how my children can turn the most mundane looking items into all sorts of interesting creations. My son, for instance, can take a simple stick and use it as a guitar, trumpet, weapon, straw, weed eater, walking cane, or telescope—sometimes simultaneously.

Many of your goals may have been upended in 2020, especially when the pandemic hit. But there is a silver lining in the coronavirus cloud. Even though some goals have gone by the wayside, we can now use that creative energy and imagination to reevaluate goals and look at new horizons on life’s journey. We even have time now to look at the intentions of our souls, the foundation for goal development. In other words, why do we set the goals we do in the first place? What is the intent behind the goal?

A wise Christian ethicist and theologian named T.B. Maston stated, “It is possible that God judges us far more by the intent of our lives than by their achievement.” In other words, we have an opportunity in 2020 to reevaluate the intentions behind our goals rather than simply trying to achieve something just because it may sound appealing. Can we not conclude that the worthiest goal for the Christian is to become more like Jesus Christ (1 John 2:6)? So, with all our creativity and imagination, let’s aim towards Christlikeness. Let’s examine the intent of our hearts and project ways in which we can be more effective for him today than we were yesterday. Maston said, “The test of our lives is not so much where we are but where we are going.” In 2020, I certainly say “A-MEN!” to that!

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