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Go Where the Action Is

Seventy-nine years ago today, my grandfather and a few buddies were relaxing on a rather uneventful Sunday in Oakland, California. Grandpa and his friends, stationed in Oakland in the Army Air Force at the time, often recounted how the relaxation of the day was smashed with daunting news from their Commanding Officer. He said, “Gentlemen, we’re at war.” The whole tenor of life changed in that moment. Grandpa soon headed for the European theater, near London. I still recall many of his stories about harrowing experiences where the action was.

2020 certainly has been a year of daunting news, and our lives have changed. How do we continue to move as God’s people, walking as He walked to make disciples? It may be helpful to recall that Jesus certainly didn’t shy away from bad news. Health scares and bad events happened throughout his earthly ministry. In Luke 13, Jesus even referenced the fall of a large tower in Jerusalem which tragically cost the lives of eighteen people. His reference to the tower tragedy indicated his concern for two things: (1) that we all repent and follow Christ before it’s too late, and (2) that we shouldn’t blame natural tragedies on certain people. In other words, Covid does discriminate.

Let’s continue to follow Jesus where the action is during the surge in the pandemic. It is indeed a time to proclaim the message of repentance. But it is also a time to assure people that bad things can happen to anyone, yet there is a loving God who died for their sin, rose from the dead, and can take care of them no matter what happens! As the surge continues, let’s responsibly go where the action is. Keep loving each other and our neighbors by taking good precautions against Covid and by comforting the hurting. Christians are at our best when we love where the action is.

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