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Go, Stand, and Speak

In Acts 5, we read of tremendous ministry accomplished by the first century church. In fact, church members brought infirmed people into the streets of Jerusalem, and the Lord healed them when the mere shadow of Peter fell on them as he walked through the city! A high and mighty group of elite religionists called Sadducees however decided that enough was enough. Talk of resurrection, Jesus’ shed blood for salvation, and certainly supernatural miracles cramped their style. Sadducees were rational types who preached tolerance, but tolerance only for those who they deemed fit to be tolerated. The Sadducees pitched a fit about the Christians which was on par with a screaming two-year old, and the leading apostles were thrown in jail.

But wouldn’t you know it? Jail couldn’t hold either the apostles or the gospel. An angel opened the prison doors, loosened the chains, and simply told the freed people, “Go, stand and speak to the people in the temple area the whole message of this Life.” At the first sign of daybreak the next morning, the freed prisoners were back in the Temple court sharing the gospel. I wonder what the Sadducees thought when they saw the commotion? The only word that gives us a hint in the chapter is “perplexed,” meaning that the Sadducees and Temple guards stared speechless at the apostles with mouths open and fingers scratching their heads in wide-eyed wonderment.

Can we not conclude that if God loosened the chains of his people some two-thousand years ago, then God can do the same thing today? Let’s forego fear in light of proclaiming the gospel! The proclamation of the angel for the apostles still applies today for us: Go, stand, and speak to the people the whole message of this Life, and let the chips fall where they may.

Over the next weeks, especially leading up to Christmas, I will be sharing on this blog applicable ways in which we can share the whole truth and nothing but the truth of Christ to our neighbors. Let’s be thinking of and praying for opportunities to share the gospel.

--Pastor James


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