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Fake Coffee

I’ve never prided myself on being a coffee aficionado. In fact, I can stomach instant coffee in a pinch, and some gas station coffee tastes better than Starbucks to me. Coffee also seems to taste better when it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. A few years back however I came across a very interesting piece of information about coffee.

My go-to coffee brand just wasn’t tasting quite right, and a little research indicated that the head-honchos of the brand decided to change to a cheaper coffee bean called Robusta. Robusta beans contain more acidity than the tastier Arabica beans. Some people online compare the taste of Robusta to rubber tires. Having never tasted a Michelin, I took their word for it. Some people even claim that Robusta is not even real coffee. Nonetheless, I’ve been an Arabica fan ever since the Robusta fiasco and prefer to shun fake coffee.

There is quite a lesson for us in our morning cup of Joe. How many of us have switched to a Robusta faith instead of an Arabica one? Yes, it’s cheaper and more convenient to play a Christian, but Christ called us to be the salt of the earth. I’d rather people see the Christ in us and taste the salt of the Lord than the rubber tires of fake faith. Let’s count the cost of following Christ with heart, soul, mind, and strength today. When we carry His cross, there just isn’t room anymore for convenient Christianity.

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