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Adding Easter to Christmas

One of my youth Sunday School teachers once shared a remarkable story near Christmastime. Keep in mind that he was teaching a group of middle school boys, of which I was one at the time, and he had to keep us on our toes. My teacher decided to retell the Easter story for Christmas! This was a real curveball for our class, and we paid rapt attention. Instead of the manger, there was a cross. Instead of swaddling clothes, there was a tomb. Instead of wise men, there were people hurling epithets. Instead of a bright sky full of angels, there was darkness. But above all, there was an empty tomb!

I think about Easter during each Advent season now, thanks to my middle school Bible study teacher. I’ll never forget the connection he made for us between the infant Jesus and the crucified Savior. In fact, the meaning of the word “Advent” captures both the spirit of Christmas and Easter. Advent is a Latin word referring to an arrival of something or someone important. From a Christian perspective, Advent simultaneously refers us both back to the first coming of Christ and to the Second Coming. Remember, there can be no Second Coming without Christ’s death on the cross for our sin and resurrection from the dead.

Wouldn’t this be a great time to put a little Easter in your Christmas? Let’s remember to share with others the importance of the whole story of Christmas. The King has come. He died for our sins on the cross. God raised him from the dead. And he’s coming again! We celebrate not only Advent past, but Advent future! Thanks be to God!

Pastor James

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