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A Roof Has Your Name on It in 2021

One of my favorite events in the Bible involves a bunch of bold people who went to extreme lengths to get their friend to Jesus. In Mark 2, we find Jesus teaching in a house at the little town called Capernaum. The house seemed to be filled to the rafters with people! The fire marshal certainly would have been concerned about this gathering since the spectators jammed in the doors and windows. At the sight of this throng, four men felt a tinge of sadness. They were carrying their paralyzed friend to Jesus for healing. How were they going to get through the crowd?

The four decided on a daring deed. Instead of fighting the crowd, they simply went over them. After scaling onto the roof of the house, they dug a hole and lowered their friend through it. Can you imagine what the spectators and Jesus must have thought when the roof started to buckle? Some may have been put off by such unruly behavior. Others may have thought the friends to be out of their minds or even selfish. Mark tells us that Jesus saw their faith! I imagine that Jesus smiled as the dirt and soot rained down on him from the rafters. It takes a lot of guts to pull off what these guys did!

Is Jesus aware of our faith in this New Year? You may feel like the challenges and obstacles are like that big crowd in Jesus’ house. You just don’t see a way to get to him! But remember, a roof may have your name on it. As we continue to ask, seek, and knock the roof will be opened to you. It is my prayer that Jesus will see our faith in 2021. May we be bold, helping those in need, and hurdling the encumbrances that keep us from seeing Jesus.

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