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A Light Unto Our Path

God’s Word never ceases to surprise me. Even if I have repeatedly read a specific passage of Scripture, new insights still come to the surface. As far back as the 1700s, our Baptist ancestors in the American colonies found that the Holy Spirit spoke fresh words of insight through the Bible, and many people came to salvation because of it. In fact, during the First Great Awakening in the 1730s, some Baptists were called “New Lights” because they connected the ancient scriptures with present-day application. In other words, they rightly advocated that the Bible is always relevant to our lives.

The times may change, but God’s Word is always up to the challenge. God helps us to see the stories and teachings of the Bible in ways that are consistent always with the way of Christ and wondrously applicable to each generation. For example, I recently had a lightbulb moment when reading one of the Psalms. I have read Psalm 33 many times, but this latest time became an occasion of tremendous help. In Psalm 33:1, the Psalmist simply proclaims, “Praise is becoming to the upright.” Why have I not resonated with that verse until now? Here it is—a Psalm likely written during the reign of King David sometime around 3000 years ago, but it is just as fresh and enlightening as ever. It is a reminder to praise God always, to pause and look around at the greatness of God’s creation in the middle of hectic times, to respond to God’s work in our lives, and to worship with all that we are. When was the last time that we stopped and praised God simply because God is? It is fitting for a believer to take time out each day and praise the Lord. Praise fits a grace-saved believer like a hand in a glove.

Take some time today to pause and praise the Lord. Things may seem to be going south in your life, but we can find reasons to thank God for his love, grace, and truth. His word never fails us, and His mercies are new every morning. I would encourage you to crack open your Bible today and see some bright rays of new light.

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