Thank you Westoak Woods!!! You gave 303 gift cards to Austin Law Enforcement! Pastor James and Shannon visited the Clinton Hunter Police Station today, Oct 29, to deliver the cards and were told how much the gifts will improve morale. The officers also gave Pastor James a Commander's Medal. You are an awesome church!!! 
Our missions project for October is BACK THE BLUE!!  Our police are hurting.  Theirs is a hard job, with low pay and little thanks, yet we depend on them in so many ways.  This month we want to let them know how much we appreciate them by buying them lunch.  On the tables in the sanctuary entries are collection boxes ready to receive gift cards to fast food places.  Richard Jennings and our Pastor James will deliver them to the south Austin center and give them to the front-line officers who serve us face to face.  Again, you can add a note of appreciation and a scripture with your gift card(s). (Please choose places other than Starbuck’s or McDonald’s as those are sources of hassle and abuse for our officers we want to avoid.)
August Gift Bag Mission Project
Some 72 gift bags were delivered to West Oaks Nursing and Rehabilitation Center on August 27, 2020. Thank you to all who helped in this mission and for the "Dear Neighbor" notes written to accompany the gift bags.

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