What We Believe

Westoak Woods exists to:

  Connect believers together

  Reach our community with the good news of Jesus Christ

  Offer our lives to Him

  Seek to become more like Him

  Serve wherever He may lead

Vision Statement:


To see men, women, boys and girls in our area of Southwest Austin and across the world encounter the claims of Christ and come to a saving faith that will in turn impact others for the Kingdom of God.


Core Values:

  • To pray for each other and fellow churches

  • To seek ways to grow in Christ and find where He is working in order to join Him

  • To impact lostness continuously

  • To sharpen each other

  • Allow God’s strategy to be our strategy

  • Do whatever it will take with a Christian conscience to see the strategies move forward

  • Laugh, cry, rejoice and mourn with each other along the journey 

Church Membership

A church member is a person who is committed to fulfilling The Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20) specifically with Westoak Woods Baptist Church and is entitled to vote on matters of the church.

How to become a member of Westoak Woods Baptist Church :

Our church asks people to complete the following actions in order to become WWBC church members:


1. Personal acceptance of Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord

2. Subsequent baptism (by immersion in water) as a follower of Jesus Christ

3. A meeting with a member of the pastoral staff of WWBC to discuss forthcoming membership

4. Completion of WWBC’s New Member Orientation Course

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